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Conversational Hypnosis: What, Why, and How

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Conversational Hypnosis: What, Why, and How

Try not to think about a blue crocodile for 60 seconds.

1.. 2.. 3..

Succeeded? I doubt that.

By the way, you’ve just been hypnotised!

You probably think “Wait, but isn’t hypnosis is some kind of magic – secret art for very limited number of gifted individuals? Shouldn’t it be studied for years before it can be practiced successfully?” Nope. All the mystery around it is just an effect of the inferior information that flooded mass-media.  In numerous articles about hypnosis you will often face all kinds of deception.

Don’t get frustrated, there are scientific and well-established hypnosis methods used by more-than-you-would-expect people on a regular basis in their personal and professional lives (look no further than your nearest used-car dealership). One of the most prevalent methods is called conversational hypnosis.

I can foresee your questions: What is it exactly? Have I ever experienced it? Was it ever used on me? Why would I need it? What benefits (if any) does it provide to the practitioners? After all, can I learn and successfully use it myself?

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